Initial Consultation

  • We'll start with a free in-depth initial meeting where we can get to know each other, talk about your pregnancy and your general desires, and discuss how we could work best together as a team.

2 Prenatal Meetings


  • We will discuss your pregnancy and pertinent medical history
  • We will talk thoroughly about the stages of labor and childbirth
  • We will discuss and work through any fears / concerns / questions you may have about the process
  • As we narrow in on your birth wishes, our discussions will help you construct a birth plan – a document for your entire labor team, which details your desires about the way you wish to labor and birth your baby, as well as your desires for what happens with your baby immediately after your birth
  • We can practice comfort measures and work through a solid plan for tools that will work best for you to maintain relaxation and comfort throughout labor
  • We can also practice hypnobirthing techniques if you have an interest in learning and practicing some deep relaxation techniques
  • We will spend some time talking about the initial postpartum period so you can clarify your needs and make a plan for receiving the support you need
  • If you wish I can do a short Reiki session with you each time we meet to facilitate a sense of calm and well being. (A full 60 minute Reiki session can be arranged for an extra fee)
  • We will discuss any additional resources you may need like breastfeeding info / classes, childbirth education info / classes, placenta encapsulation, chiropractor, acupuncture, nutrition
  • Access (through me) to my amazing network of professional doulas and birth workers for any questions we may need answered or resources we need.
  • I am available via phone, text or email any time throughout your pregnancy between 7am and 10pm.

Your Birth


  • I am on call 24 hours a day, 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date as well as 2 weeks following.
  • I will join you in your labor when you are feeling like you need support. Usually this is around the time that active labor starts (contractions become more regular and a bit closer together and labor starts to feel challenging)
  • I will gently remind you and your partner of your desires and the choices you have as things change throughout your labor
  • I will provide continuous emotional and comfort measure support to you and your partner throughout the entire duration of your labor, at your home and / or the hospital (depending on when you need me) until about an hour or two after your baby is born
  • While I am not a professional photographer I am happy to take pictures as the opportunity arises throughout your labor and birth using your camera or mine
  • Initial breastfeeding support



  • One visit where we will go over your birth experience, discuss how recovery is going and determine if there are any additional resources you require (lactation counseling, postpartum doula support, mental and emotional support) as you adjust to your new role 



  • For $75 I can provide a full 60 minute Reiki session. Reiki is an energy healing method which concentrates on clearing out the 7 main energy centers in the body so that energy can move freely through the body. Clients report a sense of calm, warmth and deep relaxation – immensely beneficial to mother and baby!